Welcome to my quick info presentation

This is a way to help you to find me. Last 4 years i was photographing around the globe as an employee of big international company, and i was putting money in someone else pocket - not mine. Putting my lovely work my hyge effort in hand of big corporation, and building reputation for another people, people that were using my knowledge like their own, people that were managing me, without real knowledge about photography. No glory for me, No publicity for me, during this period of time i was getting drops from the table of business. During this time, i did make a training for douzents of new photographers, i teach them from scratch. Some of them are now very good. All of them are real photographers. Now time is come to change my life. I need to. so,

I am glad to see you here on my pages. This is at the moment only way to comunicate with you, and for me, this is now only way to get you in my studio. I was almost 4 years out of communication, out of possebility to find costumers, out of oportunity to promote myself, to build my own reputation. During this time i lost all costumers that i had before, but

Now, like bird from myth, FELIX, i am reborn from dust and again ready to startover. With more equipment, more experience, and much more motivation. I know, that i will see you again and again if you come in my studio at least once. I know that because thousunds of people were doing the same in last 4 years. When they see photos that i make, they comeback again - straigt to me, skipping other colegues. REALY! so... i am waiting for YOU!


First of all, make contact with me because of your curiosity. You got nothing to lose. You will see something different at the moment, something that you didnt saw on market. You going to meet somebody with huge experience, someone with extreme profesionalistic behaviour. Second of all, you read my story - real story about life of one photographer in last few years. Why don't you find out what happened at the end?

When you hear my explanations about services that you need, when i explain you services that i can provide, you will make choice: Because of quality in service that i provide, because of experience that i have, and equipment that i am using. Because you are special for me.


In my country, i belive almost everything. I work with greatest hospitality and friendlyness with the clients. Human to human relationship, with extreem professionality in final product - Good quality photographs. I am not runing to get more and more. When i am working, i am working with full effort. I am working with a persons, not with numbers... not with money bags...


Oportynity to get everything that you need. Without obligations. No stress, no push. I do provide good quality, if you dont like, you are not obligate to buy. I think this is fear, isnt it?


Those pictures that you see, is just some of saved work during last 10 years. That is only few of my work. And that is something that with rush i put on those pages, to present you that behind those words is real work. Not just words and advertizing. All of displayed pictures you can see on portfolio page. SO, if you like my work call me +38164 145 7 145, or send me a message