My very first interests in photography started very early, when i got my first photo camera from my grandfather Sreten. That was Russian camera named "smena-8". After for a while i got that camera i had an competition in photography. That was during my primary school, and on that competition i won. On competition there was test for technical knowledge in photography, and there was practical work making photo with a film, developing film and making photos from the film in darkroom. so... i won. After i got a medal my father, Dragan, bot me an machine for developing photographs from film in darkroom. That time starting my darkroom experience. That was aproximetly 25 years from now. I was making black and white photographs from 24mmx36mm film, popular leica format, in darkroom using red lite. Of course i was doing that in bathroom, so my parents didnt like it much because i was spending a looot of time there. I was in that time attenting photo section work in primary school... I was doing lot of testing with chemicals to getting contrast. I was using developer, stopper, bleach and after washing photos. After i was putting photos with clip on the rope to dry them... That was realy different time than today. I loved developing photographs


After digital photography come, everything was changed. I could immidiatly to see how is my photograph look like. I think that moment that digital photography was invented from Kodak is moment that ruined history of photography. Maybe not ruining but, it was real eartquake for photography. That period of time from moment i started doing digital photography until i started working in studio photography and getting money from it, i was doing mostly nature photo. I was making photographs landskapes, and i was doing animals. Before i started to work in studio photography professionaly, i was doing photoshop art with my photos.


My first strong experience in studio photography started with my work for carnival cruise lines. There, i saw everything differently. My first photo studio shooting started around 1 year earlier, i was shooting in photo studio of one friend from hiking tours. He was photographer, and he invite me to his photo studio. Working on the cruise ship I saw industrial style of photography. In carnival i meet several very nice people that today still working in photography. One of them i realy like to mention, because, he break my knowledge in photography in two parts - before he was showing me light technic and after. Still in my head, he is one of best photographers i ever meet. His name is Patrick from Phillipines. After that i started really to learn, to read, to test and to experiment with light technics. From that time passed 10 years, i changed several companies, lot of equipment i was using in studio, and i have more equipment for studio photography now that companies that i was working for. my time is come!


In the meedtime i was working or cooperating with at least 5 printshops on printing, preparation for printing, graphical design...


Few years ago, i started to teach others with studio technics, lights and poses for man, woman and especially for couples. Technic of lighting i was teaching some of my coleguas that i worked with, and more and more people coming to me and asking about it. In the future i will make small public school for photography free of charge. At the moment i dont have time for it.


Maybe it is not modest what i am going to say, i am proud for what i did in photography, what i learned about it, what experience i have. I do belive that not so many photographers in my country i can speak about lights - one on one with me. I do belive because at the time when i was working, i was shooting mostly average araound 600 photos per day. Perfectly lighted, perfectly cropped, cropped for the fast postprocessing and printing for mass production of photographs. Photographs with perfectly posed people on them. I was doing that continiously last 4 years. Can you imagine, how many photos i made in my life? I dont know, really. Last days of my last company that i was working for, i got brandly new nikon camera. After around 2 weeks, i checked number of shooted photos, it was around 10000. 10000 photographs from photostudio - not 10000 clicks